Viking Meetings

The term is almost over.  I am giving finals next week, then I get spring break.  Woo!  This term has gone really really great, maybe my best yet.  I’m not sure whether my classes were particularly good or whether I am getting the hang of this, or whether I just happen to do a great […]

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Okay, now that I am settling in in Seattle, but still have all of this free time being an unemployed bum, I have made an effort to develop a set of habits to keep me on top of my game.  The things I’m up against these days are finding a job and studying for the […]

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Hitting the ground running

would have been a nice thing to do. First of all, Happy New Year.  In case you were wondering, neither 2013 nor 2014 are prime numbers. So life has become a bunch more geotemporally centered in the neighborhood of now than the past half of a year.  I still feel like I’m floating because I […]

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New Digs

So my stay in Corvallis was kind of depressing.  I don’t know what the deal was, but the environment just really got me down.  While I was there I fell on my bike.  It was stupid! I was riding on some wet leaves thinking “I should be careful, I’ve seen people eat it on these […]

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