Approximating with an Xacto

A few months ago, Sugar and I went to a museum that featured the art of ::Nikki McClure:: who does intricate paper designs.  One stood out to me in particular in a standing frame with no back allowing the light to pass through and cast a shadow.  I decided to try my hand and make […]

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Everything Is Awesome

::Proof:: So February is already the greatest of months for so many reasons.  I will list some: Abe’s birthday, Chuck’s birthday, my birthday, the fact that it has a variable amount of days, the days are starting to get longer, Bill Evan’s birthday, George Washington’s birthday, President’s birthday I think the fact that February contains […]

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Hitting the ground running

would have been a nice thing to do. First of all, Happy New Year.  In case you were wondering, neither 2013 nor 2014 are prime numbers. So life has become a bunch more geotemporally centered in the neighborhood of now than the past half of a year.  I still feel like I’m floating because I […]

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You Haunt Me

Okay, so this post is going to be pretty much like the rest of the posts recently: I’ll write about something awesome I did recently, then I’ll make a tongue-in-cheek allusion to a metaphor about life, and then I’ll mention that I haven’t found any jobs, or really started looking, but then I’ll talk about […]

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