Visiting Zeus

One of the many nice things about being in academia is the sporadic extended breaks.  Between Spring and Summer term, Sugar and I had a week off of school and we took advantage of the middle of the week to go over to the Olympic Peninsula.  We camped at the very northeasternmost point at Fort […]

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Spring Break Adventures! Lots of things to report. The winter term ended last week, and with some foresight and preparation, grading was fairly painless.  I did have to stay up pretty late one night to grade tests, but I got to sleep in the next day.  This past term was pretty hard, I don’t know […]

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Approximating with an Xacto

A few months ago, Sugar and I went to a museum that featured the art of ::Nikki McClure:: who does intricate paper designs.  One stood out to me in particular in a standing frame with no back allowing the light to pass through and cast a shadow.  I decided to try my hand and make […]

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Where did the Cloud Blanket Go?

Wow.  Lots of things happening, not much blogging happening.  An inverse relationship, I suppose. Anyway, lets back up to the end of summer.  Sugar and I went on an awesome adventure to the San Juan Islands and camped out for a couple of days.  We hit the sweet spot right when it wasn’t very crowded […]

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Hey look at that, it’s summer break! I’ve been dragging my feet on making any plans for big time adventures, but in the meantime, I’ve been playing a boatload of gigs.  I actually played on a boat last Sunday night. I played a Benefit show for ::Gilda’s Club:: with American Idol finalist ::Sanjaya Malakar:: recently, […]

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Long Days. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Happy Summer everybody. Summer in Seattle rules.  My semester of too many classes finished back in June and now the living is easy.  I am teaching 2 classes (business calc and vector calc), both at the same school which is biking distance away from me.  Also, they only run from Monday to Thursday.  Three day […]

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Everything Is Awesome

::Proof:: So February is already the greatest of months for so many reasons.  I will list some: Abe’s birthday, Chuck’s birthday, my birthday, the fact that it has a variable amount of days, the days are starting to get longer, Bill Evan’s birthday, George Washington’s birthday, President’s birthday I think the fact that February contains […]

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