Making Stuff pt. 1

So I’m on summer break right now, its been relaxing, or at least more relaxing than not summer break.  Unlike the other four breaks Sugar and I have had in the past year, we’ve elected to not take any major adventures, but instead stay in Seattle and geocache (even though we’ve only found two so […]

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So after my parents left, we did a short, but jam packed trip to Alaska for Neil’s Wedding.  We flew into Anchorage on Thursday night and stayed awake long enough after getting to there to see that the sun stays out until about 11:30, and the light stays around for a few hours after that. […]

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Oops, this has been sitting in my drafts folder for a few weeks.  Pretend this is the beginning of August as you read this. Summer term is half over this week.  My parents were in town for about two weeks.  I think I got to show them pretty much everything in Seattle.  They got to […]

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Visiting Zeus

One of the many nice things about being in academia is the sporadic extended breaks.  Between Spring and Summer term, Sugar and I had a week off of school and we took advantage of the middle of the week to go over to the Olympic Peninsula.  We camped at the very northeasternmost point at Fort […]

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Spring Break Adventures! Lots of things to report. The winter term ended last week, and with some foresight and preparation, grading was fairly painless.  I did have to stay up pretty late one night to grade tests, but I got to sleep in the next day.  This past term was pretty hard, I don’t know […]

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Approximating with an Xacto

A few months ago, Sugar and I went to a museum that featured the art of ::Nikki McClure:: who does intricate paper designs.  One stood out to me in particular in a standing frame with no back allowing the light to pass through and cast a shadow.  I decided to try my hand and make […]

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