{In, Re} Flection

I started working on my third bass duet album back over my giant summer break.  I bought a new microphone and got some recording/mixing advice from my friend James.  It took me about 6 months to wrap up recording but I finally did.  I have some excellent cover art from my friend Kristian.  I’m finally […]

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Beyond Infinite Summer

Phew, last writing was in the summer.  Things have been going great since then.  I’ve started my new gig at Shoreline Community College, I’m underway with the tenure process.  So far I’ve taught some algebra and some pre-calculus and some calculus with varying degrees of success and enjoy-ability. Our Europub gig is holding steady, and […]

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So after my parents left, we did a short, but jam packed trip to Alaska for Neil’s Wedding.  We flew into Anchorage on Thursday night and stayed awake long enough after getting to there to see that the sun stays out until about 11:30, and the light stays around for a few hours after that. […]

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Oops, this has been sitting in my drafts folder for a few weeks.  Pretend this is the beginning of August as you read this. Summer term is half over this week.  My parents were in town for about two weeks.  I think I got to show them pretty much everything in Seattle.  They got to […]

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Hey look at that, it’s summer break! I’ve been dragging my feet on making any plans for big time adventures, but in the meantime, I’ve been playing a boatload of gigs.  I actually played on a boat last Sunday night. I played a Benefit show for ::Gilda’s Club:: with American Idol finalist ::Sanjaya Malakar:: recently, […]

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