Making Stuff pt. 2

::Quarto:: is a game that was introduced to me when I lived in Florida by my roommate Steven.  It was challenging and hard and we never really got a handle on it.  The idea is this: There is a 4×4 game board along with 16 pieces.  There are four binary characteristics for each piece (tall/short, […]

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Making Stuff pt. 1

So I’m on summer break right now, its been relaxing, or at least more relaxing than not summer break.  Unlike the other four breaks Sugar and I have had in the past year, we’ve elected to not take any major adventures, but instead stay in Seattle and geocache (even though we’ve only found two so […]

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Approximating with an Xacto

A few months ago, Sugar and I went to a museum that featured the art of ::Nikki McClure:: who does intricate paper designs.  One stood out to me in particular in a standing frame with no back allowing the light to pass through and cast a shadow.  I decided to try my hand and make […]

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Hitting the ground running

would have been a nice thing to do. First of all, Happy New Year.  In case you were wondering, neither 2013 nor 2014 are prime numbers. So life has become a bunch more geotemporally centered in the neighborhood of now than the past half of a year.  I still feel like I’m floating because I […]

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Why do I need a job again?

So today has been sort of a weird day, maybe because its been raining all day. I promised myself that I would start looking for a job today. Actually, I promised myself that I would start looking for a job yesterday, but an opportunity came up to go climb ::Buck Mountain:: (I’ll come back to […]

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