Beyond Infinite Summer

Phew, last writing was in the summer.  Things have been going great since then.  I’ve started my new gig at Shoreline Community College, I’m underway with the tenure process.  So far I’ve taught some algebra and some pre-calculus and some calculus with varying degrees of success and enjoy-ability.

New Office

Our Europub gig is holding steady, and its gone through phases since the summer.  There was a while that we were getting lots of sax players or vocalists, and now we seem to be drawing lots of drummers.


Last weekend, Sugar and I went with a dozen and a half of friends and friends of friends out to Leavenworth area and rented a huge cabin.  We made dinner for the entire party on Saturday to the soundtrack of Gorillaz and Andrew WK.  And there was a hot tub.  Woooo.


Its even been snowy in Seattle, too.  I had a snow day from school earlier this week.  How bizarre.

I’m putting the final touches on another bass duet album.  I will post more details very soon.

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