Viking Meetings

The term is almost over.  I am giving finals next week, then I get spring break.  Woo!  This term has gone really really great, maybe my best yet.  I’m not sure whether my classes were particularly good or whether I am getting the hang of this, or whether I just happen to do a great job this time, or what.  But I had lots of success.  I learned a lot of really interesting things in statistics.  For one, in my stats class we looked at correlation between the state’s primary polling percentage and the 8th grade Math and Reading NAEP scores from 2015.  Now, correlation does not imply causation, but correlation is certainly a good thing for which to look.  In my trig class, the capstone adventure was an art project towards drawing a picture of the Space Needle with conic sections on  Here are the results, and they are awesome.  (

I’ve been playing a fair bit of music.  The Workshop has been doing Album projects, where we learn an entire album.  We’ve done Maiden Voyage, and we are gearing up to do Joe Henderson’s In N’ Out on the first Thursday of April at the Musicquarium.  I’ve been playing with the West Seattle Big Band a little bit too.  We’ve done a string of Middle School and High School fundraisers.  Getting to see the Middle School and High School Jazz Bands around here is pretty inspiring.  They’re really good.


My beer brewing operation is back up and running now that Sugar got me equipment for Christmas.  Our first go was an IPA that turned out pretty alright, but our second run was Mosaic Pale that was very clear and tasty.  I’ve got an Amber Rye in the fermenter now.  IMG_5655
Not a whole lot else to report.  Sugar and I are hoping to go out to the San Juan Islands for a spring break camping adventure.  We’ll need to check weather this week.  Maybe we will find ALL OF THE GEOCACHES on the Island.  We recently scoured Carkeek Park and found almost all of them there.


Amateur Wrestling is still awesome, but we missed the last one.  Dave and I went on the first hike of the year a few weeks ago, too.



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