Making Stuff pt. 2

::Quarto:: is a game that was introduced to me when I lived in Florida by my roommate Steven.  It was challenging and hard and we never really got a handle on it.  The idea is this:

There is a 4×4 game board along with 16 pieces.  There are four binary characteristics for each piece (tall/short, circle/square, light/dark, intented/no indent).  The goal is to get four pieces in a row that all share one common characteristic (i.e. all square, all tall, etc.)

The catch is that you do not get to pick the piece you play, your opponent does.  So game play is carried out as follows: I pick a piece and give it to you to place.  Then you choose a piece that I must place.  Each of our goals is to create a winning row, so it is in our best interest to not give a winning piece.  Things get interesting at the end of the game where you must weigh the possibilities of your placement versus what pieces you are allowed to give your opponent to play.

Anyways, all technical things aside, Sugar and I found a version of this game at a local barcade and decided to build one ourselves.  We made the Quarto board and pieces, and on the opposite side of the Quarto board, we made a chess board.

Cutting the Chess Board Cutting the Quarto Board

The Pieces Pieces

IMG_2955 IMG_2937

2015-09-06 12.53.49

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