Approximating with an Xacto

A few months ago, Sugar and I went to a museum that featured the art of ::Nikki McClure:: who does intricate paper designs.  One stood out to me in particular in a standing frame with no back allowing the light to pass through and cast a shadow.  I decided to try my hand and make the wildly embedded tree design from Rolfson’s book for Sugar for Christmas.  I found a frame at Goodwill, cut and painted the legs and then attached a green LED light on the back.

The Setup Free Standing Illuminated

The second thing I tried was the Koch Curve

IMG_16532015-02-14 15.44.56 HDR

In other news, I’ve been playing a bunch of music, including a birthday party I threw for myself.  I will post some recordings and stuff in the coming weeks on my website, I’m currently rewiring the music page.  In the meanwhile, here are some pictures.  Also, I had a beard, then I shaved it.  You’re welcome, mom.

IMG_1675 IMG_2396

Ballard Station

And some Muggin.


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