Hey look at that, it’s summer break!

I’ve been dragging my feet on making any plans for big time adventures, but in the meantime, I’ve been playing a boatload of gigs.  I actually played on a boat last Sunday night.

I played a Benefit show for ::Gilda’s Club:: with American Idol finalist ::Sanjaya Malakar:: recently, and I’m playing with him again this Friday. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQSwJ29hIko)

I’ve had a slew of odd gigs–wedding receptions, cafes and restaurants, parking garages, birthday parties, distillery anniversaries, academic events–and meeting a bunch of new people.   Some of these have been with some of the personnel from local Soul Band, ::Breaks and Swells::, others with Jeremy Shaskus and renaissance man ::Alex Dugdale::.

Anyway, my summer break so far has been full of excitement and excellent adventures, and there are surely more to come.

Mo' Jam Mondays 3 Howls Distillery Party at Hotel Max Lummi Island, Massive Yacht Sodo Lake Union Lummi Island

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