Long Days. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Happy Summer everybody.

Summer in Seattle rules.  My semester of too many classes finished back in June and now the living is easy.  I am teaching 2 classes (business calc and vector calc), both at the same school which is biking distance away from me.  Also, they only run from Monday to Thursday.  Three day weekends!!!

Nothing completely outrageous has happened since I updated last beyond the normal undulations of existence.  My music took a big dip back in May, I’m not really sure why, but in any case, I think I’m through it.  I’ve been playing with a new group of people on some regular gigs, which has been awesome.  I also made this recently: https://soundcloud.com/unstuck_in_time/epitaph-of-seikelos

This summer, I started with a vague plan of learning a song every single day.  This has sort of morphed into just having a big collection of tunes that I’m working on.  I’ve learned maybe just short of 10 tunes so far, with a couple others in progress.  I think in either case, I’m going to come out ahead, knowing more tunes than I did before.  I’ve been working on playing the piano also, and using this project as a means to get me on the keys.  I’ve been getting to school way early, sometimes with the intent of getting ready for class, but other times, I’ll go to the piano room and hack away for an hour.  My bass playing took a hit when I smashed my finger last weekend while fixing my bike.

photo 4

Speaking of bass playing, I totally gutted my electric bass recently.  I pulled out the pickups, the bridge and the pots and replaced all of them and the strings and lined the cavities with shielding tape.  The instrument has always sounded pretty good, but I think it sounds so great now.  I haven’t been able to use it to full capacity given my finger injury, but when I do, I can tell it is going to sing.

photo 2 photo 3

Some other events, my roommates and I did the naked bike ride for the Solstice.  It was awesome (not pictured)

I got a great spot with some friends for the fireworks over Lake Union:

photo 1

Oh yeah, and also at the beginning of the year, I started tracking some of my habits.  Here are the results for 6+ months of data for running and bass playing.  The running chart is a running total (haha).  The bass chart is roughly days per month that I practice.

photo 2 photo 1

Anyway, Summer rules.  Coming soon is Megan’s Wedding in two weeks and Pickathon round 2 in 3 weeks.  Yeah!  Also, I’m giving midterms this week.  Big Fun!

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