Stopping to Smell the Rhododendrons

So I haven’t posted since I started working.  Working is a lot of work.  Dude.  It is such a good time, though.  I’m teaching four classes at three different community colleges in the area.  All of the classes are different and engaging and awesome.

I have been playing a lot of music, in particular at Ev’s or with people associated, but I have a couple of gigs coming up with people from outside of Ev’s.

I recently had a cool experience lately with making piece of art.  Back when I was doing my masters, I used a book called Knots and Links by Dale Rolfson.  In the front of the book it had a picture of a tree pictured ::Here in the upper left corner::.  Further, this is ::Yggdrasil::which is sort of the home of the Universe in Norse Mythology.  I have had this picture in my head for a while and doodled variations on homework assignments and stuff, but my idea for a larger piece crystallized in stages for me.  I saw a piece of art on wood that used a knot in the surface as the moon, with simple paintings of trees below.  So I used a piece of wood, covered it with painters tape, drew the tree onto the tape, then used a razor blade to cut out the negative space.  Then I spray painted the background.



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