Everything Is Awesome


So February is already the greatest of months for so many reasons.  I will list some:
Abe’s birthday, Chuck’s birthday, my birthday, the fact that it has a variable amount of days, the days are starting to get longer, Bill Evan’s birthday, George Washington’s birthday, President’s birthday

I think the fact that February contains the absolute worst day of the year only supports my claim.  In order for something to be good, it has to be juxtaposed against something bad.  So the best month must endure the worst day, thus making it the true hero.

This February was the Champion of All Februarys (Februaries?).  So my last couple of entries were sort of about the unsureness of living in a new place and being unsure if it was going to ‘take’.  I talked about some of the devices I’ve been using to motivate myself.  Well, I must have been generating some good juju somehow, because everything has seemed to come together this month.

In no particular order, here is some of the awesome stuff that has happened:

-My birthday was most excellent.  I had a gig scheduled with Cadillac Lunch and I was anticipating spending a nice relaxing day by myself, before going over to UW to play.  The day turned out way better than I could have ever imagined, the weather cleared up in the morning, so I went on an awesome run, did some math outside, then played a really great gig, and got to spend time with pretty much everyone I know in Seattle after the show.  Also, right before the gig, I got a call for my first interview ever!  An awesome birthday present from the universe.
-So, since then, I did the interview, and accepted the offer to teach Calc 2 and Calc 3 for the Spring term at Green River Community College.  This is particularly exciting because I was ready to get stuck with some low level classes, which aren’t awful, but aren’t nearly as fun or interesting as Calculus.  Right off the bat, I get to do AWESOME STUFF!!!!!  Along the same lines, yesterday I did another interview at North Seattle Community College, which is biking distance from my place.  The interview went well and I left with the idea that they would try to fit me in, but it might not work out.  BUT I got an email this morning with an offer to teach an evening Business Calculus class on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I’ve started doing a little online tutoring for an hour or so each morning as I wake up and eat breakfast and stuff.  As excellent as unemployment was, I’m so excited to have such an awesome job.
-THERE HAS BEEN MUSIC EVERYWHERE!!!!!!  I have been finally making my infiltrations into some of the music scene around here.  It really started with going to see a group play at the Ballard Station on the first Monday of last month.  I saw them again later when I finally made it to an open jam at Darrel’s, and got to play and get some positive attention from the other musicians.  I landed my first non-Cadillac Lunch gig as the house bass player for an upcoming Sunday, and it sounds like the theme of the night is going to be Ornette Coleman.  COOOL!!!  I’ve been hanging out at Ev’s place pretty frequently also, I went to my first Monday session earlier this week for a combo ensemble, but I still intend to keep up the bass ensemble.  Ev landed a gig at a bar downtown called Vito’s, and packed the place with people involved in his workshop and their entourages.  It was big fun being around and meeting a lot of really great musicians, and Ev and I performed the first movement to Vivaldi’s first Cello Sonata.  In a bar.  Downtown Seattle.  With 2 basses.
-Aside from the handful of local groups I’ve seen, Kevin and I have been on a run of going to concerts.  We went to the Jazz Alley for the first time last week to see Buster Williams and Benny Maupin, two mainstays in 60’s/70’s funk jazz.  Maupin was the bass clarinet on Miles’ ::Bitches Brew:: and played on Herbie’s ::Headhunters::.  Last weekend, we saw Wynton Marsalis with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.  It was an excellent display of musicianship, and I was particularly moved by their performance of John Coltrane’s ::Africa::.  Last night, we went to see ::Pat Metheny’s Unity Group::, which was completely out of this world.
-Since I’ve been playing all of this classical music with Ev and talked at length with another bass player about playing in orchestras, I ventured to pull out my copy of Norton’s Anthology and record this motet, ::Mille Regretz::.  Turns out playing in tune is really hard.
I signed up for the GRE on April 5th, and I’ve been hammering out these review sections.  Some stuff is a little rusty, but I really feel myself getting my stride, and I think the rest of the month of studying and taking the test is going to be a much more positive experience than last time.  Two more years of grad school has made such a huge difference, not only to my knowledge base, but to the way I approach problems.
-I have been running quite a bit, and although I did take a week off, not really on purpose, I still feel strong. I went on my first long bike trip and ended up downtown, also not really on purpose, but it was a beautiful day and Rainier was out to play.  Now that I have prospective income, and more importantly my wrist is almost all the way better, I have been thinking about joining the rock gym near my house.

Things are really falling into place, and it feels really great to reap the spoils of the work I’ve been putting in.  I am excited to get back to the habit of having too much to do, rather than too little.  At least for now.

Added later: I had a moment driving home from Auburn today, when I turned the corner around a hill and had a great view of Seattle.  I remember when I was younger I used to love the Seattle Mariners because they had ALL THE BEST PLAYERS! Maybe that is where my initial drive to come to Seattle came from.  Anyways.  I made it.  Be proud, 10 year old Trevor.

A couple of pictures from my month:


Cadillac Lunch Gig at UW

Bike Ride downtown


Jazz Alley


Bass Habits

GRE Habits

Running Habits

Paramount Theatre before Wynton


4 thoughts on “Everything Is Awesome

  1. Man, I’ve gotten so little sleep the last few days – I read your SPORTS bit to 10 year old Trevor and teared up.

    Anyway, happy to see all the happy (Oxford comma here) Terv. When’d ya get so smart?

  2. 10 Year old Trevor also wanted you to become a Lawyer and not die from sleep deprivation. Take care of yourself!!! Post grad school life is awesome and I want you to make it here!

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