Okay, now that I am settling in in Seattle, but still have all of this free time being an unemployed bum, I have made an effort to develop a set of habits to keep me on top of my game.  The things I’m up against these days are finding a job and studying for the GRE, while attempting to work my way into the music scene and to find a social group beyond Kevin and Robyn.

In Janurary, I explored some motivational iPhone apps.  The basic premise is that each lets you create a list of habits and keep track of which days you engaged.  The apps can record the longest chain of consecutive days, relative percentages of days on vs days off, etc…

I have been using the app to track days that I feed the job search, study for the GRE, exercise, play my bass, drink beer, or just get something interesting done.  January was a great month for running and bass playing, whereas the job search and GRE work phased in and out from week to week.  I think I have a vision of writing a small program that takes the best of each one of the apps that I tried.

A couple screenshots, from left to right, apps are called Habit, Good Habits and Habit Keeper:


This weekend, I built a ::Cadillac Lunch:: website, and went Cross Country Skiing for the first time


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