New Digs

So my stay in Corvallis was kind of depressing.  I don’t know what the deal was, but the environment just really got me down.  While I was there I fell on my bike.  It was stupid! I was riding on some wet leaves thinking “I should be careful, I’ve seen people eat it on these things plenty of times before!”  Not 20 seconds later, I took a turn too tight and my bike slid out from underneath me and I hurt my wrist pretty bad.  I have played my bass twice in the past month and am going through withdrawals.

Part X: Portland again

I got to see Rikki in Portland!!!  It was so great! I haven’t seen her in far too long.  Notable events included a family dinner party, Team Evan Preston winning first place in trivia, and a wine tasting.  While she worked during the day I adventured around her neighborhood on my own.  One day, I got super lost on a run and ended up running somewhere around 12 miles.

Part XI: Seattle – Final Destination

I got to Seattle two Mondays ago and have spent a fair amount of time getting my room together, navigating an entirely new transportation mindset, brewing beer, and filling the house with plants.

Earlier today, I was thinking about what brought me here.  Way back in August of 2011, right when I made it to Oregon, I put an ad on Craigslist in order to find musicians.  I got a reply from a drummer named Mike Zittle, or Zep, or Zeppy, or Zepp-dawg, you get the idea.  From our meeting arose the band Cadillac Lunch, a trio with me, Zep and a friend of his, Kevin Makinson.  After Zep left town, Kevin and I kept the band alive and got to be pretty good friends.  Kevin finished his Ph.d in May of this past year and moved up to Seattle, and now I’m living with him in Seattle!  All cuz of a dumb Craigslist ad.




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