Cat Pillow

More Adventures!!

My week+ in Boulder was really awesome.  I felt I got a decent amount of time with Annie and Lauren despite their law school obligations.  Annie and I did a bit of hiking and adventuring around the Pearl District and spent some quality time in the library.  I miss hunkering down in the library.  Lauren and I scored some great deals at the REI garage sale.  I bought a tent!  No stopping me now.  We also went climbing about an hour south of town.  When they were busy, I explored on my own.  The bike path system in town is stellar, even with some of the underpasses still closed from the flood.  I did a bit of hiking on my own up to the Flatirons and then also out in the grasslands south of town on whatever trails weren’t shut down.  Anyway, the trip was awesome, and if and when I reapply to school, I will probably have my eye on going there.

Wednesday, I played what will probably be my last gig in town.  It was at The Rose with the Jason Frits trio/quartet/quintet with a gypsy spin.  ::Here:: are a couple of tracks from the night.

Yesterday, I did a recording session for ::LeeLee Robert::, a local Western Swing, Jazz Cowgirl.  I put down bass tracks for five tunes for her upcoming album.  It has been a while since I’ve been in a recording studio, but its a pretty cool process, and it was really cool hearing Ruby through some high-tech equipment.  She sounded better than real.

Anyway, my days in Jackson are numbered and that number is getting smaller and smaller, because that’s how time works.  Its time for me to be a nomad somewhere else, maybe somewhere closer to where I will stop being a nomad.



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