How the West Was Fun

This post will be about a couple adventures I’ve been on recently. Our story left off after I did an epic hike in the Tetons. Two weekends ago, I tagged along on a big climbing trip with Carl and Kelly and about 15 of their friends. We went to ::City of Rocks:: in Idaho and had incredible weather for three days of climbing, camping and huge spaghetti dinner feasting. Here’s me on a climb called Red Rib at Castle Rock:


Last weekend, I had planned on going to Boulder, but I delayed that trip because I got called for a couple of bluegrass gigs with ::Ben Winship:: and company. This was something I had never done before, and I had a blast, even though both gigs were freezing cold numb-fingers type gigs. The first was Driggs Harvest Festival and the second was a very rural wedding outside of Victor, Idaho on a Dairy Farm. y at the Driggs Harvest Festival and also up at the Granary.


As an added bonus of delaying my Boulder trip, I got to be around while my Grandma came to visit my uncle. It was great to see her and she got to see me play at the Harvest Festival and at the Granary. I think that may be the first time she’s gotten to see me play any real gigs. One day we went on a drive around the Tetons and found some Bison and two Moose(s).

Now I’m in Boulder! Visiting Annie and Lauren!!
Last night, Annie and I went to the Law School’s Tacky Prom. It was fun at first and then there was twisted ankles, and lost wallets and broken hearts. About what you’d expect from prom, except this time with booze.


Anyway, so I’ll be in Boulder for a bit and see what kind of things I can get into. I think Lauren is going to take me climbing next weekend, weather and Law School permitting.

No metaphors this time. Just delicious chocolate chip cookies.


I did make these:

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