Cat Pillow

More Adventures!! My week+ in Boulder was really awesome.  I felt I got a decent amount of time with Annie and Lauren despite their law school obligations.  Annie and I did a bit of hiking and adventuring around the Pearl District and spent some quality time in the library.  I miss hunkering down in the […]

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∞ is the Craziest Number, the Craziest Number Since the Number ∞-1

Okay, so I have been working through problems in Munkres and I came across an interesting problem tonight.  First, a quick refresher on bijective functions. Recall that a bijective function is one that perfectly matches up elements of two sets.  See ::this other paper of mine:: for a more in depth discussion.  A quick refresher:  […]

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How the West Was Fun

This post will be about a couple adventures I’ve been on recently. Our story left off after I did an epic hike in the Tetons. Two weekends ago, I tagged along on a big climbing trip with Carl and Kelly and about 15 of their friends. We went to ::City of Rocks:: in Idaho and […]

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