You Haunt Me

Okay, so this post is going to be pretty much like the rest of the posts recently:

I’ll write about something awesome I did recently, then I’ll make a tongue-in-cheek allusion to a metaphor about life, and then I’ll mention that I haven’t found any jobs, or really started looking, but then I’ll talk about how I’ve been doing other interesting things.  Here goes:

So Tuesday, I adventured on my most ambitious solo mission.  I hiked ::Paintbrush to Cascade Canyon::.  It was about 20 miles, and got up to about 10,000 ft.  The first couple hours were absolutely gorgeous.  The sun was out and there weren’t any bears attacking me.


Once I got up about 8 miles or so, there were some ominous clouds coming over the ridge, and some pretty bad sounding thunder.  I came pretty close to turning around when it started hailing on me, but the path back looked worse than pressing ahead even though I couldn’t quite see what was over the ridge.  I even turned around and hiked back about 100 yards before I decided to keep going.   Luckily, when I made it up to the ridge, despite being freezing and windy, there were more or less clear skies ahead, and an absolutely beautiful view of the canyon I had just traversed.


After a mile or two of descent, I got to Lake Solitude, and ate lunch in some of the nicest weather of the day, with blue skies and sun pouring from behind the ridge.  After that I hiked down into Cascade Canyon, which was downhill into this lush canyon with waterfalls and a running river.


Also, This: 156548406_m-1

So about as far down into Cascade Canyon as I was up Paintbrush Canyon when it started hailing, it started hailing again, except this time it was big marble-sized hail, and intense thunder and a little bit of lightning.  It was awesome!  Anyway, the hike was incredible.  And it was sort of like life and stuff about how you might get hailed on but then things get better even though you can’t quite see whats over the ridge, and then things are good for a while and peaceful and then you end up at lake solitude for a nice lunch and then you get hailed on again.  Then there is chocolate waiting for you in the car.  The point is, it was very cool.

In other news, I haven’t found a job yet, I don’t really have any leads, but I have been playing a bunch of music around here.  I played my first full gig last night with the Jason Frits Trio, and I’ve been taking lessons with Bill Plummer.  I’ve been working problems from Munkres and I’ve also started picking up coding in Python, and I’ve solved the first few problems of ::Project Euler::.

Also, its getting cold here.

One thought on “You Haunt Me

  1. Ahahaha! So glad you reminded me about your blog. It’s such an enormous step-up from the drudgery of facebook-posting. I love your life metaphors. So true. such insight. 😉 but seriously, it’s a good read.

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