My stint in LA ended pretty well.  Clint and I ventured to Ventura and camped in Julia’s van right on the beach.  We made a fire and hung out by the Pacific Ocean for a while listening to tunes and roasting bratwurst on Hockeystick-bratwurst roaster.  Soon after that, however, we noticed a creature scurrying away in the shadows.  It didn’t take long to discover that they were all over the beach.  These things were like half giant cockaroach, half translucent crustacean and they were terrifying.  They didn’t eat our eyeballs out or anything, so that’s a plus.

By and large, I was not so thrilled with LA, but hanging out with Clint was awesome, and I got to see what I bet are some of the most interesting parts.

Part VI: Back home, or something

So, Pickathon was last weekend and it was awesome.  Here are a handful of my favorites and then a couple of pictures.

Andrew Bird, of course

The Divine Fits set was super awesome at the perfect time of night.  Check out ::Shivers::

::Vieux Farka Toure:: was the group on before Andrew Bird in the woods.  They were Mali Funk type guitar trio, although at least one of their albums have a Kora and tend more towards more African music.

I saw Marco Benevento a handful of years ago at Real Big Deal in Gainesville.  He was with the Benevento-Russo Duo at the time, but his stage got rained on.  So they shut that stage down and combined him with the band that was supposed to come before him in an Organ and Drum battle in the Barn.  Anyway, his Pickathon performances were awesome complete with a tiger head.  Listen to his latest album ::Tigerface::

The ::Yellowbirds:: are a group from Brooklyn based in dither and decay and turning things up to 11.

I heard about this guy ::Shakey Graves:: a while ago from a friend, but then actually got to see him live here, and he is a super interesting performer, and he does his thing so well.  He plays solo, using mostly rhythmic figures on the bottom of his guitar that burst into powerful chords when he throws in the top strings.  He plays a suitcase bass drum and a tambourine with his heel also.

By far, the highlight of the week was the lead singer and Karl Marx lookalike from this group called ::Old Light:: jumped off the stage and over a barrier at the end of his set into a power slide on his knees while shredding the last chord.  It was easily the most rock and roll thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Another notable totally punk rock group was called ::King Tuff::.  They are a power trio, and the guitar player was wearing a trucker hat that said ice cream on it.

Here are a handful of pictures:

Marco Benevento, Tigerface Karl Marx Shreds Shakey Graves Overhang Andrew Bird

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