Perpetual Awe

So I’ve been out here for what has been one of the most intense week and a half of all time.  I’ve done something outdoors every single day, and most of the things have pushed my body to its limit.  I’ve been rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running, whitewater rafting, bouldering and mountaineering.  I have […]

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Jazz for the Classical-minded

I was having some drinks with my buddy Tim recently.  Tim is an applied mathematician studying at Oregon State University (and he just got published!), but at one point his main focus was playing the cello and from what he tells me, he was pretty damn good.  The point where our interest in music diverges […]

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On Personal Victories

Part VII: Guts My re-arrival in Corvallis was surprisingly, um…, not bad.  I stayed at the 317 house, and I got to be new Kevin for a few nights before their new roommate displaced to the couch.  Some highlights of the week was a completely sublime river floating trip with a couple friends, seeing most […]

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My stint in LA ended pretty well.  Clint and I ventured to Ventura and camped in Julia’s van right on the beach.  We made a fire and hung out by the Pacific Ocean for a while listening to tunes and roasting bratwurst on Hockeystick-bratwurst roaster.  Soon after that, however, we noticed a creature scurrying away […]

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