A Day of Sport, Part 2

LA adventures continue! The other day Clint and I rode up to Griffith Park (apparently Central Park:NY::Griffith Park:LA). We hiked up to Griffith Observatory to get a good view of the smog.


While we were there we saw a show at the Planetarium about Mayans and the fabric of spacetime, and the reasons why time runs forward (“That’s just the way time works!”). Super scientific. That night we went and met up with Zach and Rob, a couple of friends that I haven’t seen for a while. Zach and Paul are living in this building owned by their record label. They cooked us the most delicious dinner of all time. OF ALL TIME.

The next day, Clint and Julia and I ventured down to the tar pits to take in the smells and to see the anguish of the elephant statue being mercilessly sucked into the tar. That night, Clint took me to the place that he volunteers called Cinefamily, a group of people dedicated to cinematography in several various incarnations. We saw a movie called The Phonebook–an old 70’s movie sort of off the normal beaten trail of movies. Clint says that they also have contemporary comedians come in and Mystery Science Theatre over contemporary crappy movies. Anyway, it was a cool place, definitely filled with people similar to Clint.

Yesterday, we decided it was time for sport! We took a Lyft to this kind of crappy run down golf course and, equipped with all of our newfound golf expertise from watching Caddyshack, we golfed. The course was 9 holes, each par 3, so they were all pretty short, but I don’t think either of us really got a handle on golfing. Clint took a pretty quick lead, but then I hacked away at it, took the lead at the end, only to tie, which I feel pretty good about. Then we went bowling! Clint won the first game, and I won the second game and then the same thing happened when we played pool after that. It was a day of perfect ties.


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