Exploding Gophers

Part V: Queue Enthusiasts
I was thinking earlier today about all of the different forms of transportation that I’ve been part of over the past month. Here is a list:
Jet Ski
By Foot

Anyway, my first few days hanging out in LA have been real good, despite the fact that I’m in LA, birthplace of inaccessibility. Friday night, after battling all morning with a couch that won’t fit into his apartment, Clint and I went to the Dodgers game with tickets that Clint won in a raffle. Apparently the Dodgers are in first place? They won the game, Clint loved the seventh inning stretch, and then there were fireworks. Everywhere I have been this summer, there has been fireworks. It probably helps that I’m traveling in July, birth-month of the firework.


Yesterday, we went to a strange museum called The Museum of Jurassic Technology. It was a weird place and I don’t understand it. It was a place of oddities. After that, long-lost Taylor West picked us up from Clint’s place and we drove to a cemetery for a showing of Caddy Shack. Yeah!


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