Flatten and Spread out

I made it to LA in one piece. I’m on Clint’s couch right now rejoicing in the fact that I am not drenched in sweat like in New York. Anyway, let me wrap up my last few days in New York.

Sunday, on a whim, we looked up some comedy in the area and found that Hannibal Burress was hosting a comedy night at this place called The Knitting Factory. We went down there, got there early and grabbed a booth in the back. By showtime there was standing room only. Hannibal was super funny and it was interesting to see a comedy show live in that small of a venue. Dave and I likened doing comedy to playing jazz, except in comedy, the audience is your rhythm section. If you’re doing medium, the audience will keep you afloat with laughs and chuckles or whatever. If you’re floundering, there is nothing anyone can do for you, but if you’re killing it, its just like playing with a super dynamic rhythm section that gives you everything to work off of. Anyway, there were about nine comedians plus Hannibal, and I’d say like 3 or 4 really killed it.

On Monday, we donned our brewing outfits and heated Dave’s apartment up to about 110 degrees to brew beer. We made a Rye Saison, and escaped into his room to play chess between hop additions. It seems like it went fairly well, this was my first time using a proper apparatus to deal with an all-grain recipe. Monday night, we hopped over to the Jazz Standard to see the Mingus Big Band. They were a damn good big band, but still didn’t quite capture Mingus in my opinion. But who really can do that, especially with a big band. My point is, is that it was an awesome show. Borris Kaslov was on bass, he is a super-noteable bass player these days. Also, Sue Mingus was at the table behind us. So that was wild.

Tuesday, I woke up and went for a nice run–a couple of laps around the Reservoir in Central Park. After that, I had lunch with Ashley and friends and then went to the Met and went on a high-speed, museum-is-closing-in-an-hour quick walkabout through as much of it as I could see. There was a lot of cool looking stuff there, but nothing that totally sticks with me.

Wednesday, I went to the math museum!! It was so coooool! There were a lot of kids running around, and maybe that is the demographic that they are really shooting for there, but there was a lot of cool stuff. They built an orbifold! Its a structure that gives geometric insight into chord movements and harmony. I am working on writing out the details, and maybe I’ll put some in-depth thing up about it whenever I actually get a chance to make something presentable.

Wednesday night, we did trivia at some bar and ended up at Aubrey’s Porch. Hooray!

Thursday, I flew out and now I’m in LA!

So, that leg is over, all in all I had a fantastic time in New York. I made it a point to everything and anything I could and don’t regret anything, and don’t feel like I wasted any time while I was there. Maybe someday I’ll move there.





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