The greatest work of Johnny Appleseed

Part IV: The Anthill

So I made it to New York without a hitch, other than the fact that its about twelve-thousand degrees here.  I have been having an absolute blast so far.  They typical day has gone like this:

1. wake up quick, right about noon

2. spend four or five hours walking around Manhattan with some stop along the way

3. meet up with Dave around 6 or 7 to do something low key

4. go to a bar/club and drink until about 3

5. rinse, lather repeat

I’ve gotten to see a lot of really awesome stuff and a handful of awesome people while I’ve been here.  Sunday we met up with Ashley, Monday we saw the New York Philharmonic in Central Park, Tuesday, Dave gave me the tour of his office (view from his desk pictured below) we went to a jazz club called Smalls and saw some of the best non-famous musicians I have ever seen.  ON A TUESDAY! gah.  Yesterday I walked way down to the south end of the island and happened upon High Line Park, which I think used to be a tram trail, but now is sort of a suspended garden over the city.  Last night we saw Shara’s band all the way up from Gainesville called MSRNA.  They were a hip-hop/house beat/funk type group, and they were really good.

Things I’ve learned about the city:

its huge, there are people everywhere, most of which are young and beautiful, about 1/3 of them are plugged into their iPhones, there is always construction happening, maps make things look like much shorter walks than they really are, I need to live in a city for a while.

Today, I’m going to go check out the Modern Art Museum to escape the 97 degree heat.  After that I am meeting up with Ashley to spend the rest of the day/night with her.  A few other plans are on the docket, i.e. see Prover, try to see some Comedy, but I am very happy that I still have a week left here.


IMG_3450 IMG_3444


2 thoughts on “The greatest work of Johnny Appleseed

    1. I don’t doubt you, after this and LA for a week, I’m willing to bet that I could use some nature. That being said, I’m hoping that you can put your mountains where your mouth is. I’m going to come to Boulder to visit you and another friend sometime this summer. When does your school start? I want to make sure I come when you’re not tied up.

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