A Day of Sport

Thursday was my mom’s birthday.

My Dad, my uncle and four of my cousins went to play disc golf at this course that is allegedly the third largest in the country or something like that.  We knew we were in trouble on the first hole.  The tee and the goal were each on separate hills 450 apart, and in the middle was mostly bush and trees.  So naturally, everyone’s first throw sent us on a safari through the brush to find our discs.  After that, things calmed down mostly until the very last hole which was a 707 foot behemoth.


After that, we headed down to the lake and rented a boat to go tubing.  All of us got a ride on the tube in before the boat broke down and we had to get towed back to the harbor.  This was only an hour after we had taken off, and had paid for two hours, so to compensate, they gave us a couple of jet skis.  A long time ago, I fell off a jet ski and was really shaken.  I’m not necessarily afraid of them, but maybe a bit uneasy, but this ride was great.  I got to drive around an inlet of Lake Michigan for an hour.
The wind was chilly but the sun and the water were warm; it was a great day.  My dad made ribs for dinner and we had cake, then we made a fire down at the beach for sunset.
Tomorrow, I’m headed to New York for a completely different kind of week and Part IV or V of my adventure.  I’ve lost count.  I’m also starting to realize that I could have gotten away with bringing along MUCH less stuff. I have had a very fulfilled trip so far, and have fallen way short of my ambitions according to my packing. I have finished 2 books though which is about 2 more books than I’ve read over the past 2 years. Give or take a few.

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