Funny Tan Lines and Family Affairs

Part III: Family TraditionSo after some really intense weather, and some classic southern scenery, we finally made it up to Pentwater, Michigan last Saturday night. I guess that the story of the first picture is that the water tower used to be above

the Florence Mall, but the city folk didn’t like an advertisement on their watertower.  So they changed it…

The second picture is a scenic view of the Ohio River.


The house we are staying in is HUGE.  There are like 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a huge kitchen and living room, a big deck outside.  So, naturally, I opted to go spend a few nights at the campsite with my cousins and aunts.

Coming to Pentwater has been a family tradition for my mom’s side of the family since 1963, so this is the 50th year.  Coincidentally, this is my Grandma’s 80th birthday.  And also my mom’s 54th birthday.  We spent a little time down by Lake Michigan, had some good campfires, ate some good dinners.  My dad and I went on a hike yesterday but as soon as we got out onto the trail we immediately started to get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

I guess all in all, there has been plenty of good food and ice cream and a bit of music and campfires and family.  Tomorrow, we might go tubing on the lake.  I am going to New York on Sunday and then going to LA about a week or so later.


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