I’m changing all my strings, I’m gonna write another traveling blog.

Part I – Hejira
So, Corvallis is just another town that I used to live in.  I packed up all my stuff in a storage unit on June 29th and skipped town.


I went up and stayed with Megan in Portland that night and she drove me to the airport the next afternoon.  We adventured around her new neighborhood, made a stop in her fancy office and walked across downtown enjoying the beautiful Oregon summer for which I paid my rain dues and don’t get to cash in.  Oh well.  I took a red eye home and left Oregon as the sun was setting, lightning the tops of all of the mountains on fire.  I met up with the sun on its next go around over the Gulf of Mexico.

So it pretty much has not stopped raining since I’ve gotten back.  And this isn’t Oregon Haze, this is Florida Thunderstorm rain.  Super intense.

Regardless, I drove up to Gainesville to spend the week hanging ten on sofas.  I got to do quite a bit.  Tim and Steven and I won 4th place at the Midnight in trivia as the team “It rains on the just and unjust alike.”


Then I got to go sleep on Fae’s couch!! Yay!  Tuesday was spent mostly hanging inside to avoid the heat and humidity or the rain, depending on the arrangement of air and water in the atmosphere.  That night I went to see Jazzology at The Bull.  Jazzology is Paul, Jarred, Chris Storey, Dave Marsh, and a trombone player I hadn’t met before named Brian, and a few other players sat in.  God did it feel good to play with those guys again.  ::Dig::


Wednesday, I grabbed the opportunity at some sunny weather to visit my old friend the Hawthorne Trail.  Whee!  I met Wade for lunch then got to see Fae’s band ::Flatland:: in Bo Diddley Plaza at the farmer’s market.  Then I had dinner with Marissa and bopped over to Tall Paul’s for some Howard-flavored jazz.  Again, so good to see those guys and play with them again.  Grant and Fae and Shara showed up later and I got to spend some much appreciated quality time with them for the rest of Tuesday night.  Wednesday, we decided to go back to Nokomis.



One thing that I really liked about my trip to Gainesville was a reminder at how awesome that place is.  I know that such a huge part of my experience there was the people I met and the unique experiences with those people, BUT, I think that Gainesville is a unique place that fosters those types of relationships and experiences.  Be it the size of the student population, or the layout of the city, or the quality of the university, or whatever it is, Gainesville is awesome.  Experiencing this again totally affirmed dissatisfaction with Corvallis.  Not that Corvallis was particularly a bad place.  It was beautiful as hell and I met a lot of great people there and had a lot of great experiences.  And maybe I just got unlucky with my stay, but I have a sneaking suspicion and a few hypotheses to explain why Corvallis is truly lacking the kind of gumption that Gainesville has.  I did miss out on getting Krishna Lunch though.  Too bad.

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