Combusting Chemicals

Part II: Amurrikah

With Fae and a narrowly-convinced Tim in tow, we loaded up and drove down to Nokomis to go to the beach and see the fireworks. I should state this again. “So it pretty much has not stopped raining since I’ve gotten back. And this isn’t Oregon Haze, this is Florida Thunderstorm rain. Super intense.”

We drove through two apocalyptic storms on the way home that left little hope for a successful beach trip, but we forged on. Once we were at the beach, on the horizon, we saw another end of the world storm that luckily skirted by us. We had front row seats to the fireworks and I think that a bit of one of the fireworks actually landed in the water near us. Cooooool! Everything worked out nicely. After that we did a small tour of Venice that consisted of Bogey’s – the local sports bar, Venice beach at night – the local high-school hang out, and Daiquiri-deck – a new establishment that is obnoxiously neon and out of place in a sleepy beach town of average age 68.


So now, I’m sitting in a car, slightly north of Atlanta as my parents and I make our way up to Michigan for my Grandma’s 80th Birthday. The day is uneventful, the rain is persistent. Thoughts are idle, for now. I think after tonight in the hotel, my sleeping arrangements are downgrading to a tent for the next week.

2 thoughts on “Combusting Chemicals

    1. Well it’s not really like ‘cool I’m in the woods’ tents, it’s more like ‘we are in a campground with my family’ tent. So…

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