A Day of Sport, Part 2

LA adventures continue! The other day Clint and I rode up to Griffith Park (apparently Central Park:NY::Griffith Park:LA). We hiked up to Griffith Observatory to get a good view of the smog. While we were there we saw a show at the Planetarium about Mayans and the fabric of spacetime, and the reasons why time […]

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Exploding Gophers

Part V: Queue Enthusiasts I was thinking earlier today about all of the different forms of transportation that I’ve been part of over the past month. Here is a list: Car Plane Bike Boat Jet Ski Bus Subway Motorcycle By Foot Anyway, my first few days hanging out in LA have been real good, despite […]

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Flatten and Spread out

I made it to LA in one piece. I’m on Clint’s couch right now rejoicing in the fact that I am not drenched in sweat like in New York. Anyway, let me wrap up my last few days in New York. Sunday, on a whim, we looked up some comedy in the area and found […]

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One of One and a half

I’ve been talking to a handful of people in New York over the past week and marveling at how much there is going on here.  ALL THE TIME.  EVERY DAY.  EVERY NIGHT.  I’ve heard the same thing phrased a few different ways now, that being successful/staying sane/staying healthy is all about being able to choose […]

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A Day of Sport

Thursday was my mom’s birthday. My Dad, my uncle and four of my cousins went to play disc golf at this course that is allegedly the third largest in the country or something like that.  We knew we were in trouble on the first hole.  The tee and the goal were each on separate hills […]

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Combusting Chemicals

Part II: Amurrikah With Fae and a narrowly-convinced Tim in tow, we loaded up and drove down to Nokomis to go to the beach and see the fireworks. I should state this again. “So it pretty much has not stopped raining since I’ve gotten back. And this isn’t Oregon Haze, this is Florida Thunderstorm rain. […]

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