Back to the Rotunda

So maybe 10 more weeks here, and then who knows.  I will be a master or something like that.

The winter term ended up well.  This was the first term I got all A’s since I’ve been here.  Actually, in quite some time.  I think I always managed to get one A- or B+ here and there even the last few semesters at UF.

Spring Break was largely a success with a great balance of adventure and repose.  The biggest epic happy hour yet went smoothly, at one point overflowing the downstairs to Sky High.  I went snowboarding again up on Mt. Hood.  This time, we went to Timberline, a bigger place than the one that I am used to.  I’m still not the best snowboarder, but maybe like second or third best.

Monday, I stayed in bed until 3 or so.  It was great.  Thursday, Cadillac Lunch played a show at Cloud and Kelly’s.  We had Winston’s dad play with us, so of course that was great.  I am working on getting the recordings to be listenable.

Friday, Kevin and Jake and Ashley and I adventured out to the coast just south of Yachats to find this thing called Thor’s Well.  It is a hole in the middle of the protruding volcanic rock that spouts off ocean water that comes through under the rock.  It was really wild.  Appropriately, I came away with some hiking battle injuries–a jammed finger, a cut palm and a bruised hip–from a fall.  Reasonable injuries for a Spring well Broken.

Cadillac Lunch is playing at Bombs Away on Wednesday as a trio for the first time in forever.  Kevin from Van Meyers is playing with Kevin and Me.  It should be a cool synergy between the two groups.

Its time to party.



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