Cleaning out the ducts and Forging onward.

So January was super long.  I think it was 5 weeks this year.  And a whole lot happened.  I already posted about my album that I finished.  In other music news, Van Meyers has been recording in the garage.  You can hear some of it ::here::.  Some of it is real inspired and pretty fantastic once you remove the pressure of performing for a live audience, and delve into some genuine exploration.  Also, Cadillac Lunch did our first “themed set.”  We did an all Beatles set, trying to approach a handful of Beatles songs in a new way unique to our sound rather than just a rehash of whats been done.  I’d say we were fairly successful.  Original or not, I thought it was a pretty damn good show.  Listen to it ::here::.  This month we are doing Thelonious Monk!

As far as school goes, it seems like no matter how much or how little I have to do, it always seems to expand to fill my time.  I am taking a course in Differential Geometry, which, so far, is essentially a more in-depth version of Calc III on curves and surfaces.  I will have to give a presentation later this term on Total Curvature of a closed curve.  I am also taking a Dynamical systems class, which is way cool.  I have been meaning to do that for a while now, but this is the first opportunity that I have had.  I think that stuff is pretty cool.  Earlier this term, we looked at an example called the ::logistic map:: (and a couple other examples) that gives rise to a Cantor Set.  This was pretty exciting since those are what I’ve been doing my research on.  Speaking of my research, I’d say its going fairly well.  I am going to give a presentation on how any totally disconnected compact perfect set is homeomorphic to the standard middle-thirds Cantor set.  I have a basic skeleton for about 2/3rds of my paper written.  I have a couple more other articles to vet through and summarize and internalize, and then hopefully I will spend next term polishing.  The idea is that I will be done with my masters at the end of the year.  Then after that…

Earlier today I bottled the fourth beer that I brewed.  It was an IPA that I think turned out pretty okay.  We’ll see how it carbonates.  The beer that Dave and I brewed, the brown, turned out fantastically.  The one that I did after that was a Dark Wheat.  My methods were sketchy and severely lacking in any sort of expertise.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it should be ready to drink.  I will save it for this weekend.  I bought supplies today to make a vanilla porter.  I will use real vanilla beans and chocolate pieces.  I’m pretty psyched.  I have a feeling I am going to want to go overboard though.

Other than that, I’ve had some adventures here an there.  I saw the Monteray Jazz Festival Tour in Eugene at the beginning of the month.  That was super nasty.  Christian McBride and Chris Potter and Lewis Nash and Benny Green (Jazz Visitor) and Dee Dee Bridgewater and Ambrose (I forget what his last name is but he’s a young trumpet player).  It was some of if not the best straight-ahead jazz that I have ever seen.  We had second row seats, too, so it was super intense.  I just bought tickets to go see Jack Dejonette and Ravi Coltrane later this month, too.  I have been getting into Miles’ second quintet in a big way lately.

Also, a few weeks ago, a friend and I ventured around the hills of North Corvallis on a fairly cloudy day.  But turns out that the clouds were fairly low.  When we came to a clearing at the top of Dimple Hill, we were overlooking Corvallis, except it wasn’t Corvallis, it was Cloud Lake.  It was pretty cool.

Anyway, back to work.  I hope this finds you well.



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