The days are short

So I made it through another term alive.  I took too many classes like an idiot and along with research and grading things were intense.  I managed to keep up my music habit, though and made an album called “I Hum Jazz Tunes”.  I am finishing a final mix and I will throw it up online soon.  It is a handful of bass duets with electric bass as lead bass and acoustic bass as bass bass.

I just got back from Chicago to visit family.  It was great to see them, but it was probably the only place drearier and more overcast than the Pacific Northwest.

Here is a picture of a Chicago within a Chicago Image

I think the next term will be more manageable, I will take a lighter load with only 2 classes and research.  My TA assignment should be a little less taxing also.  I think the gigging will be a lot lighter also, there are only a few in January.

I am reading a biography on Charles Mingus called Myself when I am Real.  Here is a passage:

“You could say Mingus reconceived jazz as a performance art, so that the process at the music’s heart-spontaneous composition, as he called it-was dramatized.  At a Workshop set, anything could happen onstage.  He might slap down a sideman, or flip into a diatribe, or rehearse a piece over and over, or storm off.  Once night, he sat and had dinner while he played records for the audience.  But his fans expected weirdness.  It was part of the show.”

Lastly, my first batch of beer is drinkable and surprisingly not gross.   I moved the next batch into the secondary fermenter.  Oh yeah, speaking of that next batch, Dave Goffredo came and spent the week with me two weeks ago.  I took him around to all of the guys that I play with around here, and around Corvallis on Muddy Hikes and happy hour jaunts.

Here is Charlie breaking a stick in clouded woods.


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