Math is Hard, Bend Adventure and The Year Ahead

So, I didn’t quite pass my test.  Turns out that math is hard.  Who would have thought.  I haven’t gotten to look back over it in detail because of the onset of this year, but I suspect that my ideas were more or less right, I just could not write them down in a way that made me seem like I knew what I was doing.  So what this means is that I will work on a Masters Thesis this year, maybe take the test again next year pending my decision to stay or venture onward.  I have started to work with Dennis Garity, a topologist, on a species of the Cantor set called the Antoine Chain.  I’m sure I’ll post more about the things I look at as I look at them more.  The Antoine Chain is constructed as follows: Take a doughnut.  Put more than 4 linked doughnuts inside of the big doughnut.  Put more than 4 linked doughnuts inside of each one of the small doughnuts.  Continue this.  Intersect each stage and you essentially have “doughnut dust.”  The thing I’ve been working on showing is that if you have a loop of string threaded through the middle of the big doughnut, then you can’t move the string out through the doughnut dust.  That is, for anyone topologically inclined, the compliment of the Antoine Cantor Set is not simply connected.  Which is surprising since Antoine Cantor set is a Cantor set, and so it is Totally Disconnected.  As I said, Doughnut Dust.  Anyway, more on that later.  I will probably end up writing a paper about various incantations of the Cantor set.

This weekend, Van Meyers is going down to play on the Radio.  As far as I know, we will be on Friday at 5:00.  You can stream the station live here:

Last week, I played a 2-hour completely improvised show at a bar downtown.  Here is one of the ‘movements’.

Also, 2 weekends ago, Nancy and I took a Bend adventure.  Bend is in Eastern Oregon and is very different than Corvallis.  The drive through the Willamette Forest is gorgeous.  Then you get dumped out into arid desert from which you can see a handful of Oregon’s Famous mountains: Black Butte, the sisters, Mount Washington, Mount Jefferson, Broken Top… Anyway, we happen to make it in during a fall festival, so we explored through there, caught some live music, went to the Deschutes Brewery.  The next day, we got up and drove to Smith Rock, a nationally renown place for rock climbing.  It was a short but arduous hike up to the top, but we made it.  Pictures below (and one additional party fisheye):






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