End of Summer and Kill all Tests

Summer is coming to a close pretty quick, school starts in a week from Monday.  This summer has been pretty eventful.  I have been playing all over the place with Van Meyers, and have had only 1 or 2 weekends that I haven’t had a gig with them.  I bought an Upright bass this summer!  We have been collaborating with a poet named Chris Gray lately.  He writes Haikus.  Here is a recording of this particularly beautiful collaboration: http://soundcloud.com/trevorpelletier/raga-and-haikus

We are playing on a radio show down in Eugene in October.  I will post a link when that gets closer.

I taught my first class this summer.  That was pretty cool.  I think I had a hard time because of the nature of the class, and the composition of my class.  I bet I would really like teaching, though.  I think I would be pretty good at it after some practice.

There were some adventures this summer.  Going to the coast with my parents and Nancy for a few days, a few Portland adventures and the Muddy Buddy, my first trip to Idaho when we went to visit Nancy’s brother in Boise.  We drove along the Columbia River which was Gorgeous.  We went to play in the sand dunes in Florence.  That was way cool.

I’ve been studying my ass off for the quals, and I regret not starting earlier and working harder, but there is not much I can do now.  Oh, speaking of the quals, they are tomorrow.  All I can do now is repeat my mantra.  Kill all tests.  Kill all tests.  Kill all tests.

At least after its over, I get to play 5 gigs in 4 days.  Wednesday, I’m with Cadillac Lunch at Bombs Away, and Thursday, I’m with them at Cloud and Kelly’s.  Friday, I’m at Cloud and Kelly’s again with Gratitude Jazz Band, then I get to book it up to Calapooia with Van Meyers.  Then Saturday, I’m with Van Meyers at Belle Vallee.

I want to include a first edit for a song from this project I’ve been working on–a series of Bass duets.  Here is a tune called Dear Old Stockholm: http://soundcloud.com/trevorplaysbass/dear-old-stockholm

Here are some pictures.



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